Group Programs

Sing&Grow offers a range of group programs for organisations. If you would like us to deliver a group program submit an expression of interest and we’ll be in touch.


Sing&Grow is a national, evidence-based music therapy program providing services for young children and their families. Group programs focus on strengthening family relationships, building capacity in parents to support their children’s development in the early years of life, and supporting children’s transition to school.

Through the sharing of both traditional and non-traditional children’s songs, Sing&Grow provides families with a safe space to interact in new  and positive ways, to increase their confidence to use music and play at home, and to learn new ways to support child development.  Services encourage children and parents together to explore, learn and play in a developmentally stimulating, fun and musical environment.

Group programs are held in accessible venues in collaboration with community organisations. Up to 10 families attend one-hour weekly sessions (generally over 8 weeks), participating in hands-on music activities that assist children with developmental skills and extend the repertory of parenting skills in relating to children through interactive play. 

Known song material, original compositions, singing, movement to music, relaxation and instrumental play are all incorporated into an established session plan, and a resource CD and booklet is made available to each family and the host organisation, further supporting families’ capacity to use the musical activities at home.  


Key Benefits for Organisations:

  • Evidence-based music therapy program
  • Positive intervention in family life
  • Supports child development outcomes include confidence, social skills, language and communication, motor skills, self-regulation and other attributes necessary for successful participation in more formalised learning environments such as school
  • Builds community capacity
  • Facilitated by registered music therapists with program-specific training
  • Engages with families who may find it difficult to participate in other community programs
  • Delivered face-to-face, but with capability to deliver services via online platforms as required
  • Underpinned by ‘Reflective Functioning & Attachment Theory’
  • Additional informing models and approaches: ‘Circle of Security’, ‘Relationship Focused Intervention’, ‘Reflective Parenting’, ‘Neurosequential Models of Brain Development’

Our Offering

Sing&Grow Music Therapy

Using music, we engage families in interactions experienced as safe, fun, positive and successful. A Sing&Grow music therapist facilitates hands-on music activities that assist children with developmental skills and support parents to relate to their child through interactive play. The program encourages face-to-face interaction, hand-over-hand facilitation, modelling and tactile actions, with the purposeful use of musical, verbal and non-verbal elements. Familiar and new songs are used in singing, playing small percussion instruments, movement and relaxation. Reflective conversation is interweaved into sessions to increase parents’ capacity to support child development in an ongoing way. Parents are also provided with additional resources to support music play at home.

Off to School

Off to School draws from the inherent qualities of music for addressing all aspects of child development and develops skills in parents to recognise their role in supporting their child through a positive transition to school the following year. The program assists school readiness, promoting self-regulation and focusing on developing social skills, motor skills, literacy and numeracy, routines, emotional wellbeing, and independence, as well as providing further opportunities to strengthen relationships between families and education services.