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Sing&Grow is community driven music therapy project, working to reduce the impact of early adversity within some of Australia’s highest need, most isolated populations. The project focuses on the parent-child connection in early childhood, creating opportunity for shared music participation and reflective parenting discussions that encourage celebration of daily parenting events. Sing&Grow works to promote the strength of family and community as participants experience for themselves the value of connectedness.

The quality of family life has been found to directly impact upon child development with risk factors including family conflict, marriage breakdown, low socio-economic status, parental psychopathology, lack of emotional warmth and support and parental criminality. The Sing&Grow project targets families experiencing these and other pressures and builds on their existing strengths to enhance attachment and bonding between parent and child, in turn promoting optimal child development. The program is structured in a way that lends itself to modelling, peer learning and facilitated learning for the parents involved through encouragement of their skills and strengths.

Informed by contemporary Australian and international literature, Sing&Grow strives to be a leader in the provision of innovative and accessible parent-child music therapy programs.

Evaluation and research are ongoing priorities within Sing&Grow. In the main evaluation study of the project (2008), parent self-report measures indicated from pre to post:

  • A reduction in angry-coercive parenting
  • An increase in parents undertaking activities with their child at home
  • A reduction in parent mental health symptoms
  • An increase in child communication and social play skills

Of the final week surveys completed by participating parents in 2015, data indicated:

  • 98.3% were satisfied or very satisfied with the program
  • 95.7% would like to do it again
  • 94.1% would recommend it to other parents
  • In addition, 100% of Host Organisation staff who completed surveys said they would recommend Sing&Grow to other organisations.

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