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Music Therapy Programs and Support for Families
Supporting families and communities for over 19 years
Parenting support & education that works to improve long term outcomes for children.
Creating happy, safe family environments where children can thrive

Group Programs

Family Workshops


Music Play at Home

Sing&Grow programs focus on strengthening family relationships, building capacity in parents to support their children’s development in the early years of life, and encouraging the use of music within communities.

Services encourage children and parents together to explore percussion instruments, drums, ribbons, balls and parachutes in a developmentally stimulating, fun and musical environment.

Evidence-based programs

Sing&Grow delivers evidence-based programs across Australia that support families.
Our milestones:
  • 2001 Sing&Grow launches in Queensland
  • 2005 Sing&Grow expands to deliver nationally
  • Over its 19+ years:
    • 17,000+ families participated (and counting!)
    • 900+ sites across Australia
  • Major research projects in partnership with QUT (2019 & 2007)

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